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Our Story and Mission

Seven Sails stands for adventure, freedom, and life on the high seas. We stand for humanity within the seven continents and on the original Seven Seas. We cherish the memories shared with our blood, sweat, and tears. We never look back.

Born and raised in coastal California, we always appreciated going to the beach. We enjoyed it in the summer heat and revered its power during winter storms.


Growing up, we moved around Southern California often but we always stay true to our beach roots.  Whether it be long drives down the PCH, chilling on the pier at HB, tearing it up at the world-renowned skatepark in Venice, or cruising down Ocean Beach in San Diego.


We finally settled in the old port town of San Pedro, Ca.


​With centuries of local history, we feel we have a story to tell. From the indigenous fishermen and natives to the ship farers that traveled from worlds away.


​The ocean drives us to celebrate our lives and drives local culture. 

​We're dedicated to preserving ocean life from plastics, pollutants, overfishing, and deterioration. A portion of every sale is donated to local small organizations that help preserve ocean life.

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